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Maternity Photography Indianapolis

My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
What does my session include?
Maternity sessions are approximately 1 hour long. However if our time is a little over or under I don’t worry about it.  What is important is that we captured the looks we are wanting. This session can include 2-3 outfit changes. I can recommend stylists for hair and makeup. But their services are not included in my session fee.
When should I schedule my maternity photography session?
I suggest scheduling your maternity photography session between 28-36 weeks. During this time your baby belly bump is round and beautiful. You have that soon to be mommy glow. This time is also a great time because it is early enough that should the baby decide to arrive before your due date, you won’t miss your scheduled session. Now I do understand that some women want to be as far along as possible (because who doesn’t love a giant belly!) But some women, after 36 weeks, may feel uncomfortable and fatigued. So let’s get together, talk, and find the perfect time for your maternity session.
Does it have to be only me in my maternity session?
Nope! Nope! Nope! Seriously? This session is about you adding a member to your family! Of course your family is welcome to participate! Lets include the siblings, your partner, your parents, the surrogate! Every family is unique and dynamic. Is it only you? Bring a close friend. One of the nice things about having an extra adult around, is if you have small children, they can play while I capture relaxed images of you and your partner.
Where will my session take place?
Where ever in central Indiana you want it to! Within reason of course. We can do a beautiful natural outdoor session in a local park. Maybe there is a special place that has meaning to you? I would be happy to check it out. Or do you prefer a studio look? That’s okay! I am a location-based photographer. I have a portable studio that I can bring with me. So we can do a full studio session in the comfort of your own home.  
The wonderful thing about custom portrait photography is that YOU are the focus.
How do I prepare for my maternity photography session?
First you need to consider what you will be wearing to your maternity session. I would plan to remove any tight fitting clothing especially with elastic at least two hours prior to your session to avoid marks on your body. This includes bras, tight underwear, socks, or elastic maternity pants. Try wearing loose clothing, a robe, or dress to keep your skin smooth.. This is important, if you plan to have any nude or even semi-nude photos taken.
What should I wear during my maternity session?
If you choose an indoor studio style session, I suggest neutral, soft, muted colors. Stick with items that are a solid color. Try to avoid too many patterns. But texture, like knits and lace, are always lovely! I have some gowns you can wear if you like the whimsical look. I can also provide a variety of fabrics to wear as a wrap if you want to do some semi nude poses. This will give your portrait an artistic, polished look. But if we are going outside, I say bring on the color! Bright colors look amazing in contrast to greenery. But still let's aim for solid colors. And try to keep the patterns to a minimum. And lets add layers. Adding layers to your clothing whether indoors or out, will always make you look styled and well put together. Plus if it is cold out they will provide you with extra comfort. The main thing is for you to bring clothing that accentuates your belly and makes you feel beautiful.  Plus I am here to help. We will discuss a color scheme prior to you session. And you can always text me some photos of your potential outfits and accessories.
The best piece of advice I can give you on how to prepare for your maternity session is to just relax. This is an enjoyable experience where you can capture the wonder and excitement of your pregnancy
What if I feel uncomfortable with my body?
First off it is normal to feel different about your body. It has gone through so many changes recently. You are creating life! You are beautiful! Your body is beautiful! You have nothing to be concerned about. But if there are somethings you are concerned about like beauty lines (aka stretch marks) just tell me about them. I want you feel comfortable. So I will pose you in a way to minimize whatever it is you feel is unflattering. Plus there is a bit of magic that can happen in post processing.  
Can I suggest ideas or props?
Absolutely! Yes of course! This is your maternity session. I will guide you and suggest ideas about posing, looks, locations and props but you are more then welcome to send me anything that inspires you. Pinterest and blogs are a great source of ideas. Visual ideas are so much easier to understand and discuss. Please keep in mind though that it is only inspiration and the images we create are unique and will not look the same as another photographers work.
Do you have any other useful tips to prepare for the session?
It is important to select a day of the week where you have nothing else planned. Having to rush between events causes stress which can show in the final result. Have plenty of time to prepare and be well rested. If you have the means, perhaps treat yourself to a massage or scented bath. Keep hydrated and have a light snack before the session to keep your energy levels up. Leave everything else up to me
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Matenity Investment

     A custom maternity session is $375. With this investment you will receive a 1-2 hour photographic session, 10 beautifully edited digital images for you and your family to share for generations to come. The session will focus on your newborn but will include immediate family if you choose. You will be presented with a gallery of 30+ images to choose from. You may add more if you choose for an additional fee. Are you interested in gift prints, wall art, albums, or photo boxes? These items are available as an add on. Feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. 

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