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Fresh 48 Photography Indianapolis

How to Plan
What to Expect
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
My Little Reflections, Michelle McPhilli
Fresh 48 What to expect
What is a Fresh 48 Session?
Fresh 48 is a newborn photography session held within the first 24 - 48 hours of your baby’s life. They take place in your birthing location; which could be a hospital, birthing center, or your home.  These sessions are wonderful for those families who want the first few hours of their newborn's life captured. This includes capturing the baby feeding, diaper changes, being super cuddly and remembering those tiny little toes and fingers. However a Fresh 48 session is not like a traditional newborn session. I will not be bringing props, or large studio lighting. 
When do I schedule my Fresh 48 session?
Please try to schedule your Fresh 48 session at least 2 months prior to your due date. Given the unpredictability of when the baby will actually be born, I only schedule 3 Fresh 48 sessions a month to ensure my availability. But once your baby is born, please contact me within 12 hours. The sooner the better! This gives me an opportunity to arrange for child care, travel to your birthing location, and prepare myself for your session. Your Fresh 48 session will take place at your birthing location. It will last approximately 60-90 minutes. It will be a very relaxed session, unposed using available and natural light, or bounced lighting from a flash. I prefer these sessions take place during daylight hours. 
How to prepare for my session?
There really is not much prep work required! This is more of a lifestyle session. So I can photograph diaper changes, feedings, cuddles, and all the love you have for your new baby.  
There is no need to worry about making your birthing space spotless. I don’t intend on focusing on the room. But I will capture the moment, as it is. Please don’t worry about doing your hair or makeup. You just had a baby! But if you think you will be more comfortable with a shower, light makeup and combing your hair then go for it. I want you to be comfortable. 
What should I wear?
Mom I want you to be comfortable. Some moms prefer to wear a robe, or a neutral cardigan, or a tank top with some yoga pants.And for your partner, I suggest they wear a simple plain colored t-shirt with some jeans. And if you are up for it, Sibling may want to wear similar plain colored cloting as well. Now your baby is typically just swaddled. We can use their hospital blanket, or I can provide a swaddle to match what the family is wearing. 
Who should be in the session?
I would prefer the session to be intimate, perhaps only household or immediate family. But every family is different. So we can discuss who you want in the photos. And I will try my best to accommodate this. Something to keep in mind though is large gatherings have a tendency to require more energy. And thus you and your baby may become worn out quickly. Especially when you are over-crowding a small room. And I want you to be comfortable and relaxed. You just had a baby and this is a time for recovery and healing. 

How will I receive my images?
Your images will be made available for viewing from an online gallery.
Fresh 48 How to prep
Fresh 48 Gallry

Fresh 48 Photo Gallery


Fresh 48 Investmet

     A custom maternity session is $375. With this investment you will receive a 1-2 hour photographic session, 10 beautifully edited digital images for you and your family to share for generations to come. The session will focus on your newborn but will include immediate family if you choose. You will be presented with a gallery of 30+ images to choose from. You may add more if you choose for an additional fee. Are you interested in gift prints, wall art, albums, or photo boxes? These items are available as an add on. Feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. 

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